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CHICKEN MAPPAS /ചിക്കൻ മപ്പാസ് / चिकन मापपास http://Array shop now kerala foodie WATCH FULL VIDEO RECIPE Recipe by : Josna Ajai Vlogger Main Ingredients Chicken – 1 kgSliced Onion – 3 (medium size)Sliced Tomato – 2 (medium size)Sliced Green Chillies – 6Chopped Ginger – 1 ½ tab spoonSliced Garlic – 6 clovesDiced Potato – 1 […]


CORIANDER CHICKEN CURRY/DHANIA CHICKEN Coriander Chicken recipe-referred prominently as Dhania Chicken is a delicious curry from Bengali cuisine. Unlike other chicken curries,it is much easier to prepare and involves a diverse range of aromatic spices and herbs from our very own Indian kitchen.The fine blend ofmarket-fresh coriander leaves, mint leaves and yogurt makes the yummy […]