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CHAKKA PUZHUKKU (STREAMED UNRIPE JACKFRUIT WITH COCONUT AND OTHER SPICES) The Jackfruit is tropical fruit and largest fruit in the world . jackfruit is the fruit largely in kerala and one the best ingredient in our olden kitchens. It have lot if nutrients values.jackfruit called as ‘CHAKKA’ in malayalam. Chakka puzhukku preparing from the unripe […]

Meen Puliyila Chuttathu/ Meen Puliyila (Roasted fish in spring tamarind leaf and gooseberry mixture)

Meen Puliyila Chuttathu/ Meen Puliyila ‘MEEN PULIYILA CHUTTATHE’ is traditional Kerala fish dish. Meen puliyila varity dish prepared with small fish like ozhika and spring tamarind leaves. Traditionally meen puliyila parcel cooked in charcoal heat . This dish doesn’t need oil whiling cooking.i iam sightly changed it’s tradition recipe.meenpuliyila chuttathe absolutely delicious and healthy Kerala […]

Homemade Watermelon Slush

HOME MADE WATERMELON SLUSH The Watermelon slush is just perfect for hot summer days. It is delicious recepie for homemade healthy watermelon slush that supersie all kids, sweet, refreshing, colourful.and fun. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus […]

Lemon Mojito

LEMON Mojito Recipe REFRESHING DRINK ingrediants 8-10 fresh mint leaves2 lemons2 tbsp sugar400 ml Sprite or sweetened soda2 grapes for garnish preparation Pluck out the mint leaves from the stem and chop mint leaves. Slice the lemon wedges and remove the seeds. Put the mint leaves and lemon wedges in your glass. Add sugar Using […]

Passion Fruit Mojito Recipe (non alcoholic)

Passion Fruit Mojito Recipe NON ALCOHOLIC DRINK ingrediants Ripe passion fruit 2noMint leaves. 10 nosGranulated sugar 2 tspFresh Lemon juice 1/2 tspLemon round slice 1 noChilled soda water 500mlIce cubes /crush ices Stay tuned and receive updates preparation Cut the passion fruit into halves and spoon pulp from it.keep reserve the seeds too. Take small […]

Cashew Apple Iced Tea

Cashew Apple Iced Tea Home made recipe recipe Ingrediants Tea 2 two bags cashew apple/cashew fruit 2no Honey /sugar according to your choice Fresh water 500 ml Crushed ice Lemon slice 6 no Mint leaves Preparation Heat water in a pan. Once it starts boiling, add tea bags and sugar and let it boil . […]

Creamy Iced Coffee

Creamy Iced Coffee INGREDIANTS Expresso 3 tspSugar 1 tspMilk 200 mlWhipped creamChocolate sauce 1 tspCinnamon stick In a small sauce pan over a low temperature combain milk , sugar and cinnamon stick Cook low 8 to 10 mins for infusing with cinnamon . remove from cooking range and add chocolate sauce to the milk Mik […]


MANGO AND GRAPE PARFAIT Stay tuned and receive updates Ingrediants Ripe mango 1 noWhipped cream /ice creamGrape 100 gmSugar 2 tspMint leaves preparation Choose a fully riped mango and remove skin with help of a knife. Half of mango flesh cut into samll cubes. rest of mango keep aside for coulis Once your parfait ready […]